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Adoption Process
Adoptable Horses

Adoptable Horses

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Looking for a Horse? Adoption can be the BEST option!

The single most important thing to us is matching the right horse with the right home. While we know every placement cannot be forever, we do not want horses to bounce from place to place, and because of that, we do all we can to facilitate the RIGHT MATCH the first time because we hope our horses are able to enjoy long term homes.

Our horses generally have been vaccinated, wormed, went through re-training, have a current coggins, current dental care, farrier care. Their adoption fees are notably lower than a comparable horse in the sale market would be, as well. These are but a few of the PERKS of adoption!

HOP can connect you with one or more of our hundreds of HAPPY ADOPTERS across the USA if you would like to make sure adopters are glad about their partnership with HOP, so just ask!

Please only Apply once you're certain you want to give adoption a try and are committed to the bit if time it takes for us to complete the application process. This process is tailored to help us better know what horse might work for you. 

Apply once you have all needed information. Remember, we are looking for safe and caring homes, nothing need be "fancy" or perfect. 


The Application is filled and processed before meeting the horse(s) you're interested in. Upon approval, you can then meet the HOP horse(s) you've selected to see if you're a match.

An Adoption lease Agreement is required on all adopted horses. Leased are common place in all areas of the equine community for many reasons, and one is the flexability it affords YOU. The agreement does not allow for resale, auction or the giving away of the HOP horse, but those things aren't needed because should the horse not be able to stay with you, the HOP horses simply comes back to us. HOP will even refund a portion of the adoption fee typically once the horse find his/her new home! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by this protection for both you and the horse!

Your Facility:

We require safe fence, a shelter (simply 3 sided run ins are fine with us), access to clean water, room to move about or time to have exercise and a property free of overcrowding. Barbed wire is typically not accepted if old, loose or used around areas where horses congregate for feeding. Boarding facility are happily accepted if they meet these above terms. We adopt nationwide.

Your Care History: 

You must have references from various backgrounds able to speak to your quality of care for animals, your equine knowledge, your facility and your overall character. Frequent buying, selling or giving away of horses isn't a good match for adoption. If you currently own horses, an equine vet and farrier are two important referneces. If you are new to ownership, a small animal vet reference if you have pets can work. A very solid vet reference goes a long way, and if your small animal vet knows you best, this reference can work well for any application. Equine dentist, 4H leaders, Trainers and boarding barn owners you work with all make wonderful references. Please make sure they know we will be calling or they know to contact us to make things easier. We simply need a good, unbiased picture of your committment and care.

Your Experience: 

A horse can only be adopted to someone who can easily handle and ride the horse they select. The only exception is when an adopter comes with a trainer and is working with a trainer in a facility. If you are a beginner rider and owner, we can consider your application if you are working with a trainer and boarding only. This is in an effort to set the adopt / new horse person up for success. We can help you establish a relationship with a trainer, set up lessons and work with you within the rescue to get you a solid foundation, too.

Your Dedication: 

We are looking for adopters who have a solid history of good animal care (if they are new to horses, your small animal care can be used to qualify). We want adopters really interested in caring for their horse for many years to come in a partership. If you have a history of indiscriminately breeding, selling, trading or swapping horses, we cannot consider your application. If you give all of your own vaccines, do your own dental care and farrier care, typically we cannot gain enough outsider information through references to consider your applications, though rare exceptions have been made based on the overall strength of the application, so do give it a try.. If all of your references have not known you for at least 1 year, we ask you wait to apply until you build more long term references. 

You're Now READY to Apply:

The application is interactive and easy. APPLY here. Then email a copy of your driver's license, facility fence, pastures and current horses to: equinerescue@live.com  

Remember, you must submit the $15 Application Fee via mail or paypal. The address is PO BOX 81 / Shoals, WV 25562 or Paypal: Equinerescue@live.com. Applications take days of volunteer time to complete, and it is important you are serious about meeting a HOP horse.

It can be a bit of a wait while we work on the Application.

The process can take several days to several weeks depending on how quickly we can touch base with your references and how quickly they get in touch with us. Feel free to check in during the process. Please call your references and explain a representative from Heart of Phoenix will be contacting them shortly or explain they need to contact us. You are responsible to ask ALL references to return our calls or messages or to contact us.

Applications will be denied if their references refuse to be helpful and courteous. Applicants can also be denied if they are personally rude and unhelpful during their own interviews. The Application must be approved by our Board of Directors unanimously. Fact is, most folks who apply are awesome homes and are approved, so don't be too worried.

First approved applicant who makes an appointment to visit a horse and is a good fit as the first option to adopt that horse.

If you're approved, Please get in touch to arrange a meeting at the foster location where the horse you are interested in resides in a timely manner. We cannot hold horses if other applicants are waiting for a chance to meet the same horse.

Only Approved Adopters may visit the horses. Once approved, you can meet Any horse that could meet your needs within the rescue.  You are not obligated or expected to adopt UNLESS The horse is a GREAT MATCH for you. Should you meet another HOP horse during a visit that may work better, you're welcome to consider another horse if you're approved to adopt.

The Adoption Agreement: Have the Adoption Agreement read, signed and notarized Once you Select a Horse. A horse cannot leave our facility without this agreement signs

Download: The Adoption Agreement and make sure to have this with you and notarized on adoption day. 

6. Pick up the adopted equine or arrange safe transport

You must arrange safe transport or afford to hire reputable transport for your adoptive horse. Horses will not leave in unsafe trailers for any reason. Transport is a cost the adopter must cover. Transporter suggestions are located here. 


Photos of your newly adopted horse at your facility must be emailed, text or sent via Facebook within 2 days of arriving at your facility. You must send photo updates every month via email or social media to HOP. After the first year, you shall provide twice yearly updates which must include 2 photos that are current for that season, as well as an overview of the equine's condition for as long as the horse is in your care. Photos need to show the horse's whole body and the facility.  Remember, a HOP horse can be returned and must be returned should you cease to be able to provide care for any reason. If someone you know would like to adopt the HOP horse you have, they can apply and do so if approved.

Extra Bits of Helpful Information 

We do not adopt more than 2 horses to any applicant within a 6 month period of time. Adoptions of more than 2 are possible with an extremely strong equine history, income verification and only if you own your property.

Some blogs that encourage adoption and further explain why ADOPTION ROCKS!

Take a moment to read:

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The Adoption Option

Adoption: Perfect Choice


An approved applicant. They are in compliance with all of the board's requirement for adoption. This adopter is able to adopt as soon as a suitable match in the rescue is found.

Tier 2 

An applicant who has submitted an application that we could not fully process or we felt needed some time to gain more experience, improve their facility or that would not be a good fit for the desired horse. This applicant can chose to stay in contact with the rescue and work with us to become an approved adopter in time. We believe Tier 2 applicants can adopt from HOP in the future.

Tier 3 

An applicant we believe isn't well suited to adoption through Heart of Phoenix. There are various reasons why the board may arrive at this decision; however, once made, the decision is final. Anyone filling out the application agrees to never harass or make demeaning remarks about Heart of Phoenix based on the rescue's decision on an application.

Adoption is a mutually rewarding agreement that benefits the adopter and the horse to the fullest. This process if tailored to give the maximum safety to the rescued horses and the most support to the adopter. We appreciate the many, many adopters who have found the process worth their while and would do it all over again.

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