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Heart of Phoenix believes that there is no place in the Nation with a greater need of equine advocacy than the area of Appalachia. Poverty in our region means the need for education and assistance is overwhelming. The conditions we encounter for neglected horses in West Virginia are shocking, and with your help, we can continue offer aid time and time again! Our team is constantly faced with situations where say, "There is No Hope." But over and over, Heart of Phoenix horses overcome odds very near the miraculous.

We stand as West Virginia’s largest, most effective equine advocacy organization. We also impact some areas of Kentucky and Ohio. We were founded in West Virginia at a time when no other organization existed to come to the aid of the horses, and we realize how important it is to expand the reach of rescue through out Appalachia. We realize how vital offering help to counties' animal control and law enforcement is in the overall picture of equine welfare.

This region offers a fate worse than auction or slaughter. Abuse, deprivation from water, food and basic care frequently go on at unspeakable levels where horses are left to suffer not for weeks, but years, even decades. There are many horrible issues facing horses and advocates working at various issues; our focus here is the rescue of the grossly abused and neglected horses of Appalachia.

The horses of this region are no longer without a voice thanks to your support of HOP. We implore you to continue to listen to the stories of our horses and allow us to continue to save many more. You can help change everything with HOP!

We know in order to see radical change, our organization must stay progressive and creative by expanding our programs, extending more education and empowering communities, law enforcement and horse owners.

We have changed the lives of hundreds of horses. We hope to impact thousands more in the coming years!

Because our high quality rehab and standard of care requires a solid financial budget and many hours of volunteer time, we are committed to sound financial management. We will not take in more horses than our funding allows. We intend to serve equines in Appalachia for many years to come.

We believe this is possible with you on board! Join us today!

Click here to view hundreds of images of horses saved by Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue

We Freeze Brand and Microchip the horses in HOP to protect

them should they fall off our watchful radar after adoption!

Heart of Phoenix offers equine rescue in West Virginia; saving horses from abuse & neglect in WV

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Thank you to Clayton Spangler www.spanglerstudio.com, Rhyme and Reason and Divine Revelation for some of these images taking during HOP shoots.
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Heart of Phoenix is an Equine Rescue Saving Horses in West Virginia.