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"(...) I’ve contacted them on multiple occasions regarding information on caring for my horses in the best way possible.  I’ve always received a prompt, professional, and informative reply, which has really helped me do my best for my animals.  This effort at improving horse care for the horses of West Virginia on a person-by-person basis must take hours and hours of volunteer effort, while being largely invisible and uncompensated, but I think they deserve a HUGE thanks and  and congratulations on serving this need."
-- Cara Sedney


"Though I hate the reason it exists, it is with honor I volunteer with Heart of Phoenix.  

I do not have near the hours I wish I had to give nor near the strength to do all that you all do, the time I have spent with these horses has blessed my life far beyond what I can put into words.  Not the terror of what the horses have had to go through, but the honor of being able to be near them, to see their forgiveness, their acceptance and their strength... their sheer will to love and thrive... that is the blessing far beyond my comprehension.

I have always loved horses but never had the chance to be near them, this opportunity came at a time in my life when I needed it more than any other... a time I guess, when God was ready to give me another task from what I had been doing... oh how He always knows exactly what we need.

Anyway... I could talk for hours about that and how I've loved each and every horse I've come across, but this one story is the one I want to share.

I met Blaire one cold day in January.  Her eyes told a story of loss and sadness, but that day when I groomed her, she seemed trusting and well pleased.  But the next week when I came, she was troubled and uncooperative, dancing around her stall with wariness and uneasyness.  Though I tried and tried, she wanted nothing of me and I knew the only thing for me to do was leave her alone... but first I wanted to say a prayer for her, as I do each of them every time I see them.

She allowed me to get close to her, and I reached up and took her beautiful neck in my arms and when I did, she leaned her head into me.  As I began my prayer for her, one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced began to happen... physically, and in a way I have never felt God before, I felt the calmness... stunning, surprising, and very, very real, the calmness came over us like a blanket.  Whether God was calming Blaire, or He was calming me and Blaire could feel it I'm not sure, but I do know we both felt it.  

After "our" prayer, Blaire allowed me to brush her from the tip of her head to the tip of her tail, all four legs and feet, all over her beautiful body.. and she hardly moved at all.  

In all my life and all of my experiences, I have never felt God more close as I did that day with Blaire... I spent the next week telling everyone I could about it.

The next time I came to the stable Blaire had been moved, I knew I was going to miss her but I knew she'd be in my heart forever.

When I learned of Blaire's release across the Rainbow Bridge, I cried and cried and cried.  The impression she made on my life was great, and I was devastated along with so many others... BUT Heart of Phoenix, what I want to say to you is THANK YOU for allowing me the opportunity to learn what "rescue" is about... the end is not always what we pray and wish for but you make it possible to always still be RESCUE from a life of pain, and tragedy of abuse.

Every rescue horse I have ever met has touched me, some a little deeper than others... but none I ever meet will be forgotten.

To serve beside you is truly one of the most humbling things I have ever had the honor to do... in my mind, each and every one of you are angels on this earth and in my mind, every time I get to serve a horse, God has given me untold riches.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart... rescuers, fosters, trainers, supporters, doctors... all of you THANK YOU for all you do."

-- Tami Carpenter 5/11/15

"We adopted our Nemo from Heart of Phoenix, so have first-hand experience with the care they all take to place the horses with good homes. Tinia Creamer still follows up with me if I forget to send a picture of Nemo to her every few months, and he has been with us fir two years. This illustrates the depth of dedication this organization has for the animals they rescue. You can't go wrong supporting them if you love horses." - Sandra Lane, January 2013 Adopter of Arabian Gelding, Nemo. Review from 5/6/2015

"I am so impressed with the dedication of the Heart of Phoenix group.  The team that makes up Heart of Phoenix is like an ensemble cast on a good TV show. Some of them have excellent horse training skills, some of them have excellent people skills, some of them know how to bring a horse back from the brink of death, some of them are good with the finances, but all of them know about caring for the horses.

When I lost my Thoroughbred last fall, I began looking for another horse with a lot of training.  And found her in Miss Em, a beautiful Morgan mare.  I applied for her thinking there was no way I would qualify.  But I noticed other people who showed interest in her were gently turned away because Miss Em was not a good fit for them.  The more I read about her, the more convinced I was that we were a good fit.  Heart of Phoenix made certain that was true.  They asked a lot of questions because they had to get to know me, had to make sure I was committed to giving a forever home to Miss Em.  And at the same time, I was getting to know Heart of Phoenix.  And I am so glad I did!  Rescuing horses is not an easy job, and finding good homes for those horses is even harder still.  But Heart of Phoenix works hard at it and everybody wins: the adopters, the rescuers, but most of all - the horses!"
- Bobbie C (Adopter of Miss Em and later of Sophia) 8/12/14

"Eleven months ago we adopted Lemar Niteza from the Heart of Phoenix Rescue Organization. She has been such a blessing in my life. Teza lives on our farm in Kentucky where she is ridden in Saddle seat and Western. She also trail rides and is ridden by my ten year old sister. Furthermore, Teza has been a terrific companion to many of our other horses. I am so thankful that the Heart of Phoenix rescued her and gave her a second chance at life."
-Raven J., Age: 15, February 18, 2013

"Working with her (Tinia Creamer) has been a pleasure. She represents the animals as realistically as possible with the information she has at hand. She will help arrange transport to a convenient location and help with loading when needed. Her expectations for potential adopters are realistic and reasonable, a good, safe,
responsible home is paramount on her list."
-Sandra B., Indiana Adopter

"I really couldn't have asked for a better experience working with you on adopting Honey and just after these few short days I know I found the right horse for Caity!!!! I'll keep you updated on her! Thanks again for everything."
-Kelli W., Olive Hill, KY, Adopted Honey, QH rescue mare, Review from October 2011

"I placed an unwanted colt from a trader that had starved him with Tinia. After just a month, he had gained considerable weight and was much more vibrant. Tinia found a great home for him and he is doing wonderful. Without Tinia’s expertise in horse nutrition and re-homing, this colt may not have made it. I would recommend Tinia and her Heart of Phoenix Rescue (Lucas Farm) to anyone who needs to re-home an unwanted animal or is witnessing the abuse of an animal. Thanks so much for your help with the colt, Tinia!"
-Stephanie Pauley, Franklin Furnace, Ohio

"Once again I can’t begin to tell you how much we love him. Thank you so much for offering this adoption service."
-Adopter, Jackie C., Nitro, WV. 2011.

They "were a big help to us this summer in removing a horse that needed to be relocated. We acquired him as a willful surrender due to neglect. He escaped his pen and ran across the road to a pasture which was full of grass for him to graze on. It took several attempts, two months total, to corral him. This would have been impossible without the cooperation of the land owners, the help of the Dept. of Agriculture,and the Creamers. The Creamers were finally able, with the use a lariat; to catch, halter, and load him into a trailer. With the little resources we have available to us, the Creamers were invaluable and never faltered in providing us with professional support and patient help. A week after being transferred to his new home, they sent us a pic of him in his new stall. Thanks for all the hard work, keep it up."
-Putnam Co. Humane Officer, Greg Sydenstricker, October 12, 2011

"Tinia, I am very thankful for all your help in placing Stormy. It was good to know that in his final days that he was with people who loved him and were good to him. It gave me piece of mind to know that the old guy didn't become of vicitim of circumstance. You and your family were very professional."
-Shawanda Holbrook, via Facebook
Following acceptance of a former Therapeutic Riding Program Senior Arabian that she had held until able to find a safe place for him, which ended up being here until his adoption. 2010

"We are a private rescue here and we had a case with recurring utivitis that we were having trouble finding a home for. And Lucas Farms was kind enough to step up and post it to get the word out. Thats what real horse people are all about helpiing one another out without conditions or expectations. I really appreciate that keep up the good work."
-Beth I. in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania via Facebook
Following the help we provided in circulating info of a horse in need to find her a home.

"You are completely amazing and for sure not into rescue for the money! Ha! Heart of gold with manure on her boots and hay in her hair, that's Tinia.
"This year, 2011, I had two separate rescue situations come in front of me which just couldn't be ignored. The first case involved malnourished, neglected, and starving Arabians left over from a large breeding farm in Virginia. My daughter and I had gone to view the horses because we were asked if we would take in 3 or 4 while the owner was going through a divorce. We went, excited about the possibility of helping out and learning more about the Arabians from the owner. After arriving at the farm, we left just as soon as we could, which wasn't soon enough. The horses were in horrible condition-jutting ribs and hips, wormy bodies, and sunken eyes. The last 2 round bales were feeding 14 horses and there wasn't any money for more hay. While visiting the horses, we were horrified as we watched the owner's adult daughter kick a late term pregnant mare in the belly as hard as she could numerous times to get her up while she was in colic. Not surprisingly, the mare and foal later died. I didn't have the stomach to deal with the owner, but I had to do something.
"The first person I contacted was Tinia. I had been reading all about her previous rescue experiences and felt confident she would be able to provide these desperate horses the help they needed. Although Tinia made it clear she was available to help immediately, the owner held on to the horses as long as possible, trying to get as much money as she could from them. So much time passed, months, before the owner finally relinquished a few horses who made their way to Tinia's farm. After just a short while at Tinia's farm, well, the before and after pictures of the horses speak for themselves. The before shots display malnourished bodies and in the after...the horses gleam with renewed health. Although registration papers were promised time and time again, they still have not come through and yet, Tinia placed these animals in homes where they remain today.
"Next up was another divorce case, yet this time I was asked by the owner to place the horses in homes which would keep them safe from slaughter. These Arabians came from an affluent Attorney's farm and he made it clear that what he wanted was for the horses which he had spent thousands on, to be placed in good homes and that no money was to be made off them in any transaction. At first I was overwhelmed with the possibility of placing 6 horses as soon as possible, so I contacted an Arabian Breeders group. They were more than happy to assist me, in fact $1000 would be made available to me for their care as soon as I took temporary possession of the horses and their papers until they could find people to "adopt" them for a price.
" When I spoke to Tinia, she warned me the group would want to breed and make a profit off the horses, who knew where they would end up. Knowing that breeders have brought huge foal crops to auctions when they won't sell, I knew that to hand the horses over to this enthusiastic group was wrong. Their intentions for the horses had nothing to do with their well being, only profit which could be had. Tinia is well aware of the bleak breeding situation going on right now in the Arabian Horse world, she has been careful to not overly promote her own Arabian stallion when she sees so many horses without a place to call home.
"After speaking to Tinia on the phone and the net for over a year, I finally met her when she made the long trek to Northern WV and picked up the horses...at her own expense. She and her husband were compassionate and patient with the horses and the distraught owner who was giving up her beloved animals against her will due to the divorce. Tinia had suddenly lost a most precious mare to her not a couple of days earlier and yet she was there to help at the drop of a hat. Not once did I see her lose her temper with a mare who was having a hard time loading up.You can learn a lot about a person when something is going all wrong. Every horse from this rehoming is now in a permanent and loving home. You couldn't ask for more.
"I've spent hours communicating with Tinia over the past year and a half. One of her most endearing qualities is that she is consistently putting the horse's welfare above all else. I've had, ahem, a few horses which haven't worked out for me, Tinia was the one I contacted for placing them. Every single time, I've offered her the money which could come from selling a horse for me, for finding them a good home...she's declined every time. That speaks volumes about her character.
- Juli H., Morgantown, WV. 2010-2011
We've worked with Juli on several Arab rescues directly

"I can say that I have been to your place TWICE a few months apart. One was in the middle of winter with snow on the ground and the second was in February. On the first occasion you did not even know we were coming until that day and I can honestly say that your barn and animals could be the envy of many. Very nice setup, clean and all the animals seemed VERY content, healthy and very well cared for. Not to mention WARM! On my second visit to pick up two horses that we rescued it was obvious how much they had "advanced" and how well they had been taken care of and loved since our first visit a little over a month earlier. Your honesty and support, continued support I might add, many months later, are a refreshing example of what others should strive for. Too often I hear people tell me how much they love their animals, yada yada yada and then afterwards you never hear from them again. I always question this type of behavior because if you loved them as much as you said you did why not follow up to check up on them?! Not the case with you, you have actually followed up which is nice to see. I have always been a firm believer that actions speak louder than words and have found this to be true with you. Keep up the good work you are doing, being an advocate for God's creatures that have no say in their treatment."
-Spiro M., Ohio, Rescue Adopter, 2010


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