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Heart of Phoenix wishes to Thank the ASPCA for the Grant Awards to Cover Travel to TWO Equine conference workshops in 2015


Adoptable Horses

Heart of Phoenix believes that there is no place in the Nation with a greater need of equine rescue than HERE in the economically depressed area of the Appalachian Mountains. Because human Poverty is overwhelming, the conditions we encounter in the horses we rescue are extreme. Our team is constantly faced with situations where most would say, "There is No Hope." Yet time and time again, we help horses overcome odds that come very near the miraculous.

HOP stand as West Virginia’s largest, most effective equine rescue organization, but we also impact Kentucky and Ohio areas where the horses are underserved.

The horses, ponies and donkeys that come to Heart of Phoenix were not simply kept in less than adequate conditions or at risk of auction, they are typically horrific starvation and abuse cases.

Because we estimate that for each horse we are able to help, twenty or more calls or emails begging for help must go unanswered due to lack of funding and space, we work diligently to grow Heart of Phoenix Equine and expand our impact through impact programs to empower communities, law enforcement and horse owners to help assure no need goes unmet. It is a massive goal, but we like to aim high!

Across the United States, over 100,000 horses are sent over our borders to slaughter, but here in Appalachia, there are fates worse than slaughter that await the neglected that have long been without a voice here, so We implore you to pause, to hear their stories and allow us to come to their rescue with your support. 

Heart of Phoenix is changing the outlook for horses in the West Virginia, Southern Ohio and Eastern Kentucky area. 

We have helped save the lives of over 200 horses.

A high standard of rehab and care requires a large financial budget and many hours of volunteer time. We are committed to sound financial management, so we will not take in more horses than our funding allows. This means that while we are able to help many horses, many others must be turned away. We want to see Heart of Phoenix, one day, able to offer HOPE to every horse in need in the area! We believe this is possible with you on board!

We Freeze Brands the horses in HOP to protect them should they fall off our watchful radar after adoption!

When you donate to Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, not only do you help save the lives of severely abused and neglected horses…Your donation goes back into the equine community in this economically depressed area in a tremendous way!

We were able to put tens of thousands of dollars into the local economy in 2014: Local feed stores, vets, farriers, boarding facilities, trainers, farmers and others were able to see the economic impact of having an honest rescue effort in their community,and this is another way that we improve the conditions of horses in Appalachia: By boosting the horse economy for those working with equines!




Adoptable HOP Horses JUNE 2015

Helpful information for the potential Adopter

Our adoption fees are: $400 AND UP for...

Read about our rescued horse Scarlett in the February 2014 issue of Horse Illustrated!

Scarlett, a 12 year old National Show Horse, was found tied on a mountainside in W.V. July 4, 2012, and has since made an incredible recovery thanks to Heart of Phoenix and Nutrena.

Thank you to Clayton Spangler www.spanglerstudio.com, Rhyme and Reason and Divine Revelation for some of these images taking during HOP shoots.


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